30 October 2007

Bloody Chamber Music

All-round British eccentric Patrick Wolf sure is busy these days. A few months ago he revealed that he was already working on a follow up for 'The Magic Position' to be released next year. Last week, he announced a special Christmas show at Shepherd's Bush in London. Yesterday, he announced that he now has his own record label.

The label, called Bloody Chamber Music, has one act called The Craig Template and is encouraging anyone to submit music in the hope of releasing music through his label. Patrick also said he plans to release previously un-released material from the days of 'Lycanthropy' and 'Wind In The Wires' digitally through his label sometime in the new year, which sounds very exciting.

Wolf also announced an alternative to the X Factor called the Y Factor. Participants have until November 5th to submit a piece of music with a 200 word description of themselves. Twenty acts will then be asked to write a narrative for a video and the ten most interesting will be given fifty pounds to shoot a video. The best video will be released as a Christmas single, alongside 100 limited vinyls.

Can't wait to see the outcome of the Y Factor and as to what acts Patrick adds to his roster.

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Mikael Dewabrata said...

wow. never heard. but i might like this guy!